Hikvision iVMS-4200 - Adding New NVR for Remote Access

Hikvision iVMS-4200 - Adding New NVR for Remote Access

In order to remotely access a Hikvision NVR from a computer, you will require several things:
  1. Your NVR is configured for remote access (set up by the installer)
  2. Your local network is configured to allow remote access to the NVR which usually entails port forwarding (usually setup by the installer though may require assistance from your IT department)
  3. Hikvision's iVMS-4200 has been downloaded and installed on your computer (linked at Hikvision - Software)
Once you have installed iVMS and booted it up for the first time, it will ask you to setup a super user for the application. This is unrelated to any camera system you may want to setup on it. Once the super user is setup, you can proceed  with adding the camera system to the software. You can add multiple camera systems to iVMS (e.g., you have multiple sites with their own camera systems). 

You can click on any image below to enlargen it for a better view.

From the Main Menu tab, go the Maintenance and Management menu on the far right and select Device Management

On the Maintenance and Management tab, near the top and on the left, select Device if not already selected in both locations (usually is selected by default)

To start adding a new Hikvision video recorder, click + Add (to the left of Online Device)

The Add dialogue window will appear on the right side

For  Adding Mode , make sure the radio button for IP/Domain is selected (filled in)
For Add Offline Device , make sure the check box is Disabled (left empty)
For Name , enter what you would like to call the recorder (for our example below, we are using Reed Test)
For Address ,  enter the NVR address provided by Reed Security (for our example below, we are using  reedtest.reedhd.com )
For Transmission Encryption , make sure the check box is  Disabled  (left empty)
For  Port , leave at 8000  (unless otherwise advised by Reed Security)
For User Name , use the one provided/setup by Reed Security for you (for our example, we are using reed test)
For Password , use the  one provided/setup by Reed Security for you (regardless of your password, it will show as a number of dots (  ‚óŹ )
For Synchronize Time make sure the check box is  Disabled  (left empty)
For Import  to Group , make sure the check box is En abled  (checked marked)

If the connection information and login credentials are correctly entered, after a short interval, the NVR will appear in white, it will populate the Serial No., and will show the Resource Usage Status as  Online (see green box in example below)
If there is a configuration or login error, the NVR will appear in grey, will not populate the Serial No. and will show the Resource Usage Status as  Offline (see red box in example below). An error message will also appear in the lower right for a short period indicating if there is a connectivity issue or login issue.

If you need to edit any configuration information, click the Edit icon ( checkbox, edit, pen, pencil Icon) in the Operation section to the right end of the NVR's information in the Device screen of the Maintenance and Management tab. This is useful if you made an error when setting up the NVR.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your Reed Security installed/maintained system, please contact the Reed Security Group support desk at 306-653-3200 (toll free 1-844-384-7233) option 3.

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