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            Computer Video Player
            Hikvision provides stand alone computer video player software for Windows and Mac OSes. While some 3rd party players can be used, the Hikvision VSPlayer has additional features for better functionality. Download the VSPlayer version appropriate for your operating system and install like any other computer application (as of 2019 Aug 29, v7.4.3 latest version for Windows, v2.0.0.4 for Mac 64 bit). 

            Video Management Software
            Hikvision provides stand alone video management software that allow you to access and control your camera system remotely from a computer or mobile device. Download the version appropriate for your operating system and device type then install like any other application (as of 2019 Aug 29, v3.1.1.9 latest version for Windows, v2.0.0.10 for Mac)

            For mobile devices, go to their app download site (Google Play for Android and iTunes for Apple) to download the iVMS-4500 application.
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