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   - Skybell Wireless Signal Strength

            If you are experiencing issues with your Skybell (doorbell camera) such as:
             - Poor, inconsistent or no video captures
             - Black screen when attempting to view at the door
             - Poor video quality 
             Please check the wireless signal strength

            To check the wireless signal strength of your Skybell Door Bell, please follow the instructions below:
            From your PC, log into
            On the main customer page, select VIDEO on the left hand side of the display:

            Select SETTINGS on the top right hand side of the menu options:

            Select VIDEO DEVICE INFO:

            Refer to the WIRELESS SIGNAL STRENGTH option towards the bottom of the screen.  Select REFRESH for current signal strength information

            Signal strength showing below 85% will mean your Skybell Doorbell Camera will not function correctly.  The camera requires 90%+ to maintain solid performance at high resolution.
            This is not an uncommon issue as there are a few factors that can cause issues with your signal strength such as: 
                  - Distance from the router to the Skybell
                  - Load bearing walls/interference
                  - Amount of metal in the surrounding area

            TIPS TO TRY:
            - Power cycle your router, in general 9/10 networking issues can be resolved by doing this 
            - You may wish to adjust your network settings or adjust the location of your wireless access
            - Try a WiFi booster (Reed can help you with that! Please contact our sales dept. for more information)
            - Try lowering the device resolution to see if that improves connection

            A few things to consider if power cycling does not improve the issue:
            1. Where is your router located in relation to the doorbell? (WiFi Booster required?)
            2. Have you made any network changes recently?
            3. Have you added any other wifi devices?

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