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            QOLSYS IQ Panel - Battery Replacement

            Qolsys IQ Panel – Battery Replacement Guide

            To replace the battery in your IQ panel, we'll need to power the panel down.

            1. Select "Settings" 

            2. Enter your "Master Code"

            3. Select "Power Down"

            4. Select "OK"

            5. Before continuing, wait till the display and the red LEDs turn off. (Note: Disconnecting the power supply or battery before the shutdown process is complete may result in data corruption or panel failure. Make sure to follow the step-by-step instructions EXACTLY.)

            6. Now it's time to open the panel, start by removing the screw on the back of the panel.

            7. Remove the back mounting plate.

            8. Disconnect the wire coming from the blue battery pack.

            9. Remove the screw on the white battery tab

            10. Remove the white battery tab

            11. Place a screwdriver underneath the battery pack and pry the battery out of it's compartment

            12. Place your new battery in the compartment. A. Place your white battery tab. B. Re-insert the screw through the white battery tab. C. Reconnect the battery wire.

            13. Re-apply the back mounting plate to the panel.

            14. Re-Insert the screw to the back of the panel.

            You're done! If the display is still blank, disconnect and reconnect the AC power from your outlet.
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