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            Hikvision - IVMS-4500 Device Set Up and Playback

            The iVMS-4500 setup for local devices

            To setup the iVMS-4500 for your local devices (DVRs, NVRs and cameras), just open the menu and click on "Devices".

            Install iVMS-4500 App 01

            Click the (+) button to add a new local device.

            Install iVMS-4500 App 02

            Click the Manual Adding button on the top right side

            IVMS-4500 setup 03

            Enter all the information to add the DVR, NVR or camera

            IVMS-4500 setup 04

            After adding the devices, just click the button "Start Live View"

            IVMS-4500 setup 05

            And... it's done ! You have live image from the DVR.

            IVMS-4500 setup 06


            The iVMS-4500 allows you to playback the recorded video that is recorded in the DVR or NVR. You just need to get into the remote playback menu.

            iVMS-4500 Playback 01

            The playback window allows you to take a picture from a recorded video, cut the part you want to export, fast forward the video and stop the visualization.

            iVMS-4500 Playback 02

            To playback a video, just select the camera and the date and time.

            iVMS-4500 Playback 04

            The menu allows you to pick the year date and time to playback.

            iVMS-4500 Playback 05

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