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            Kantech Entrapass, Corporate Edition - Add a User via Web Client

            As you can see from the picture below, the Entrapass web client provides easy-to-follow instructions for any person authorized to add or remove people from the card access system:

            In order to add a user to the Entrapass System via the web client interface, simply follow these steps, and follow along in the video below:

             - Click on “User” under the “Operations” tab at the top of the window
             - Click the Add Button
             - Complete the Name of the User you wish to add
             - Enter the Card Type and Card # of the new user
             - Select the correct Access Level for each site the user has access to
             -The user will now be added to the system.  A photo of the user can be taken or uploaded by clicking on the blue avatar in the upper left hand corner.

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