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            HIkvision - Port Forwarding (generic)

            PORT FORWARDING:

            To remote access a Hikvision camera system, you will need to forward specific ports on your router. By default, these ports are usually 80 and 8000. The ports may be different if other network applications are already using these ports or if the ports change during set up.
            You will also need the internal network address of the recorder. This can be found in the recorder's Network settings, the IPv4 address (not IPv4 Subnet Mask or Default Gateway, nor any of the IPv6 addresses). If you have any difficulty finding this information, please contact our support desk and an agent will assist you.

            Below is a link to Hikvision's Youtube video on how to port forward for one of their recorders. Please note the router configuration pages will likely be different from yours as they differ between manufacturers and even different Hikvision models. There are websites that can provide information on a specific router's configuration pages.  The general process is the same for most routers.

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