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            Hikvision - "Device is locked" message

            If you get a "device is locked" message while attempting to access your Hikvision recorder remotely, this could indicate 5 failed password input attempts. At this time, access to the recorder is locked out for 30 minutes. This means no remote access is possible during this time. Only local access (at the actual recorder) will be possible. If local access is not possible, the only option is to wait until the lock out is over.

            This lock feature is part of the Hikvision firmware v 5.3.0 or later. It cannot be changed.

            If the issue persists after the lock out has expired and you are sure you are using the correct login credentials, try the following steps:

            1) Shut down the app completely then relaunch
            2) Delete the device from the app then re-add
            3) Uninstall the app then reinstall

            If none of these steps resolve the issue, please contact our support desk for further assistance. Thank you.
            Updated: 28 May 2019 12:04 AM
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