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            DSC - Alpha keypad, Manage user codes

            Please Note that user code 40 is your master code
            For a PC 1616 you have 1-48 user slots
            For a PC 1832 you have 1-72 user slots
            For a PC 1864 you have 1-95 user slots

            1) From your keypad press * followed by 5.
            2) Enter in your master code. (Disarm code)
            3) If you hear 3 quick beeps you are in programming and you will see user code 1 and a dash if that user does not already have a code set for it. ( Dash means there is no code set for that user ) If you hear a long beep, The code you entered is not the master code.
                Note: The master code can only make changes. User codes can only arm and disarm.
               * If you see a P press the arrow to the right to go to the next user that has a dash beside it (P means the user code is already programmed)
            4) Press * on the user code you want to set.
            5) Press in the 4 digit's you want to user for that user.

            *If you are wanting to change a user code, Use your arrows till you get to the user code you want to change and then press * Followed by the new 4 digit code you want
            * If you are wanting to delete a user code use your arrows till you get to the user you want to delete and press *. You will see that users code, at this point press * one more time. This will delete the code.

            6) When you are all done with the codes press the # button 3 times, This will get you to the main screen.

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