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            DSC - Non-alpha Keypad communications test

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            An non-alpha keypad has icons/images in the vertical column of keys of the right hand side of the keypad.

            Note: * If siren is on site, Doing a communication test will cause the siren to go off for 2 sec.
                      * Always call the monitoring station before testing your system at 1 800 268 6870
            1) On your keypad press * 6 followed by you master code. (Disarm code) You will see program.
              * This next step will cause the siren to go off if equipped on site.
            2) Press 4.
               * Siren will sound for 2 sec.
            3) Call the monitoring station at 1 800 268 6870 to see if your signal went threw.

            Note: If your communication test did not go through to the monitoring station call Reed Security support at 1 306 653 3200 - Option 3

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