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   - Reconnecting or changing a doorbell camera's Wi-Fi network

            If you have added a wi-fi extender to your network in order to improve signal strength at the doorbell, you will need to delete the door bell from your account before re-adding it.

            To reconnect to or change a doorbell camera's Wi-Fi network:
            1. Put the doorbell into Access Point (AP) mode by holding the main button until the LED alternates green and red.
            2. Log into the Customer app.
            3. Tap Menu (3 stacked horizontal lines).
            4. Tap Doorbell Camera.
            5. Tap Settings (gear icon).
            6. In Add Another Doorbell Camera, tap Begin Installation. (Note: If this does not appear, you may have reached the maximum number of video devices for your service package. Remove the Doorbell Camera from the account via the website, and then re-install it using the Customer app)
            7. Proceed through the installation wizard. This is the same process as the initial installation of the Doorbell Camera.

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