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   - Geo-Service device in malfunction

            The Geo-Service device in malfunction trouble condition indicates the servers have not received a location report from the Geo-Device (usually a cellphone) for a 24 hour period.

            How to resolve:

            To clear the Geo-Service device in malfunction trouble condition:
            1. Log into the Customer app on the device in malfunction.
            2. Tap Menu.
            3. Tap Geo-Services.
            4. Tap the Geo-Services toggle switch to turn it off.
            5. Log out of the Customer app.
            6. Log into the Customer Website (refresh the page if they were already logged in).
            7. Click Settings.
            8. Click Geo-Services.
            9. If the malfunctioning device is showing in the Geo-Service devices section, click on the name of the device, and then click Delete to delete it.
            10. While staying logged into the Customer Website, log into the Customer app on the Geo-Service device.
            11. Tap Menu
            12. Tap Geo-Services.
            13. Tap the Geo-Services toggle switch to turn it on.
            14. On the Customer Website, click to refresh the Geo-Services page or log back in if necessary.
            15. Verify the device is showing in the Geo-Service devices section. 
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