Simon XTi

Simon XTi

User Manuals can be downloaded below by clicking on the link.

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    • Simon XTi - User Guide

      See attached 
    • Simon XTi - Silencing Trouble Beeps

      Disabling your trouble beeps should only be done when you're aware of the reason why it's beeping 1. Press the GEAR icon at the bottom righthand corner, then press the DOWN ARROW until you see Programming 2. Press ENTER by Programming and enter the ...
    • Simon XTi - Set Time

      Setting Time for a Simon XTi Panel Tap on the gear in lower corner of the screen. Tap on the down arrow to the last page. Tap the Enter button next to the top option labeled "Set Date/Time" Enter you four(4) digit MASTER CODE, tap OK button To make ...
    • Simon XTi - Reboot/Power Cycle

      If your Simon XTi has stopped responding, often a quick restart or reboot may resolve the issue. The following is a simple procedure that take about 5 minutes to complete: Carefully pull the trim ring (B) off the edges of your panel. (Use notch, C, ...
    • Simon XTi - Communications Test

      A communications test is used to check whether the alarm panel is communicating properly. If Comm Test is not finished, it will continue to run even if you exit program mode. To perform a local communications test (not logged by central station): ...