Kantech Entrapass - Card Non-Usage Report

Kantech Entrapass - Card Non-Usage Report

This report explains how to find unused cards/fobs in your Kantech System:

Kantech Entrapass Card Non-Usage Report



1:        Select the Report tab at the top of the screen.

2:        Select Card Use Report tab just below.

3:        Select the new icon (white paper).

4:        Name your report “Card Non-Usage Report.

5:        Select “Access Granted events”.

6:        Select the “Not used since” option.

7:        Select number of days to go back to. Eg. 90 days will show cards not used in the last 90 days.

8:        Click the save icon (disc).

9:        Close.

1:        Next, Select Report Request.

2:        Select Card Non-Usage Report.

3:        Select your preferred output format (if unsure, select txt).

4:        Select execute.


Your report will be displayed on the screen once it run through the database. You can then save it to a usb stick or print it if you have a printer set up for the kantech computer you are using.