HikVision - Exporting Video via Web Client

HikVision - Exporting Video via Web Client

The following MUST be done with Microsoft Internet Explorer. This will NOT work with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or any other browser. TYou will also need to add the NVR's URL to Internet Explorer's list of trusted sites in order to save and retrieve video clips. 
  1. Launch Microsoft Internet Explorer
  2. Navigate to the NVR website (e.g. http://fakenvrwebsite.reedhd.com/) - DO NOT LOG IN YET
  3. Click Tools (gear icon near the top right)
  4. Select Internet Options
  5. Select Security tab
  6. Click Trusted Sites
  7. Click Sites button
  8. Current website should populate "Add this website to the zone:" field; if this is the website for the NVR, click Add
  9. The NVR website should be added to the "Websites" field
  10. Click Close to close Trusted Sites then OK to close Internet Options

Using Internet Explorer, go to remote access link for your video recorder. 

Log in using your user name and password (same as used to log directly into video recorder).     

Click on Playback, then select your screen division. In this example we will only be looking at one camera at a time.

Select the appropriate camera for the footage you wish to view. The camera name will turn RED

On the right hand side of the screen at the top.  Pick which day.  A small triangle on the day indicates footage.  After you select the day, Click on the Search button below.

If you know about what time of day the event happened, you can enter it below in the "Set playback time".  The time entered is in 24 hrs.  Eg. 9 am = 09:00:00   2:20pm = 14:30:00

Please note the scissor icon.  You will need to click this to mark the beginning, then click again to mark the end of the clip you want to save.

Press Play button to start the playback.  the Long YELLOW line indicates current playing posittion.  Light grey numbers indicate time.

To move timeline ahead, you can click an drag anywhere on the BLACK area or you can re-enter the time in the "Set playback time",  You don't need to press the stop.

When you find what you are looking for, you may need to back up a slight bit.  While still playing click on the Scissor icon to mark the start of the clip.  Let the event play out.  When your at the end of what you want to save, click on the Scissor icon again.

The clip will be saved to your computer.  You will notice a small notification window that will appear in the lower right of the screen and it will tell you where it is saved on your computer.

If you closed the window or it goes away, Using "My Computer", you will be able to find it in the folder "C:\Users\ [ your computer user name ] \USSC Web\"  You may need to check the sub folder, "PlaybackFiles" or it could be called  "RecordedFiles" depending on your NVR.

If you need the footage saved to a USB key, you can copy and paste the clip in the above folder to the USB key.
Use the HikVision VSPlayer to view any video clips (available for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems) which can be downloaded from  HIkvision Tools. (both at bottom of page). While some 3rd party players can be used, the Hikvision VSPlayer has additional features for better functionality. 

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