Hikvision - Downloading video footage from iVMS-4200

Hikvision - Downloading video footage from iVMS-4200

During playback, you can download the video files of one camera or multiple cameras to the local PC via iVMS-4200
• You cannot download the video files of Cloud P2P device.
• For NVR which is added to the client by device's other user name (except admin), if Double Verification is enabled on this NVR, when playing back videos on the client, you are required to enter the user name and password created for double verification. For details about double verification, refer to the user manual of the NVR.

Download Video Footage by Date
During playback, you can download the video footage of the camera and save in the local PC.
  1. Enter Remote Playback page and select a camera to start playback. 
  2. Right click on the image and click Download.
  3. Set the start and end time of the video footage to download.
  4. Enter a name for the video footage.
  5. Click OK to start downloading the video footage to the local PC.
Download for Multiple Cameras
During the playback of multiple cameras, you can download the video files of multiple cameras by date simultaneously.
  1. Enter Remote Playback page and select multiple cameras to start playback
  2. Click  to open the Download for Multiple Cameras window. All the cameras in playback will be displayed.
  3. Select the cameras from which you want to download video files
  4. Set the start time and end time of video duration for each camera.
  5. Optional: Check Download Player to download the player.
  6. Click Download to start downloading the video files of the configured duration(s) to the local PC. The progress bar shows the downloading process of each camera's video files.
  7. Optional: Click Stop to stop downloading manually.
Up to 16 cameras' video files can be downloaded simultaneously.

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