- Arming Event notification information - Arming Event notification information

Depending on the method used to arm or disarm the system, the user's name who performed the action appears in the arming event notification. 

Using the panel 

When the system is locally armed or disarmed using a code, the name of the user associated with the user code is included in the notification. User code information can be managed using the website.

Note: The panel must be configured to be armed by a user code to include a name. If a panel has Quick Arm enabled or Secure Arm disabled, the user that armed the system is unknown so the notification does not include a name.

Note: If the Master code is used to arm/disarm, it is not associated with a user so will not have a user name reported. We strongly recommend not using the Master Code for arming/disarming the system and should have restricted access. If you have questions about the master code, please contact the support desk at 306-653-3200 (toll-free 1-844-384-7233), option 3.

Using a keyfob 

If a keyfob is used and the panel programmed accordingly with a specific user code, the name of the associated user code is included in the notification.

If the keyfob used is not associated with a specific user code, then a name is not included in the notification. 

Using the website or mobile app 

If the system is armed or disarmed using the Customer Website or app, the notification does not include a name.

However, the login name that sent the remote command can be viewed in the activity history. 

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