- Managing user codes and access privileges on website - Managing user codes and access privileges on website

***!!!*** If you have not added a user Click Here.***!!!***
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Go to and log into your account.

1) If you have a user added already Click on Users.
2) From this page Click the edit icon on that user.
3) From here page click on the faded out lock.
      - Click Panel.
4) Enter in access code
5) Select if you want that user to have access all the time or have them restricted to times.
6) you can also add in lock access by clicking on the faded out key.
      - If you don't want lock access skip this step and the next one. 
7) Select what lock you want to give access to.
***!!!*** Please Note that the user must have have a panel access code so it can transfer over to the locks.***!!!***
8) Click Save.
***!!!*** You have now given this user a access code and or access to the locks.***!!!***

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