- Client Account Locked - Client Account Locked

When you fail too many attempts to log into your account, you will be locked out of your account until the lock is removed manually. The lockout will not expire after a set period of time. You will have to either:
  1. Reset the account password online;
  2. Call the support desk to reset the password; or
  3. Call the support desk to unlock your account
Options 2 and 3 are only available to Reed Security clients as Reed can only access their clients' accounts. If you are not a Reed Security client, contact your security provider to reset your password or unlock your account.
Option 1 - Customer resets their password:
  1. Navigate to Account Login
  2. Click Login Help
  3. Enter the login name in the Forgot your password? field.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Check the account's primary e-mail address name for password reset link.
  6. The password will require security question verification upon the first login.
Emailed password reset link expires in 24h

Option 2 - Reed Security resets your password:
  1. Contact the support desk (see below)
  2. The support agent will verify your identity
  3. Check the account's primary e-mail address name for password reset link
  4. Once you have logged in and saved a new password, you will be automatically prompted to update your security question  
Emailed password reset link expires in 24h

Option 3 - Reed Security unlocks your account
  1. Contact the support desk (see below)
  2. The support agent will verify your identity
  3. Check the primary e-mail address for the login name for password reset link

Your account may also be locked by Reed Security for various reasons. If this is the case, when you attempt to access your account, you get a message informing you we have locked the account. You will need to contact the Reed Security support desk for further information. 

The Reed Security security support desk can be contacted at 306-653-3200 (toll free 1-844-384-7233) option 3. Support is only available to reset passwords or unlock accounts during normal office hours of Mon to Fri 0800-1630 CST (no DST) excluding statutory holidays.
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